Contemporary Artists is the Academic Journal of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute,which is published bimonthly. Founded in 1984, Contemporary Artists magazine dedicates to reporting and introducing art event, ideological trends, art history and discussion of art theory worldwide in the  field of  contemporary art.

From the columns “Experience of Overseas Study” “Technique” in the inaugural issue in 1984, to the added new column “Art Gallery on Paper” in 2003, and the eight columns of “Special Topics” “Criticism” “View” “Nova” “Face to Face” “News” “space” “Reading” in 2016, which emphasize both theory and new trends of art, the 30-year- evolution of the magazine has witnessed the development of Chinese contemporary art, reformation of art education, methods of cultivating art students, broadcasting of art, and these social influences.

Contemporary Artists aims to be a professional, academic and documentary journal which dedicates to illustrate and record contemporary and modern art.










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